Important notice

The following steps must have been  done by a well skilled bootfitter 


precise shell assessment


The shell must be exactly shaped to match your feet:
grinding, local shell deformation if required


A custom made footbed made for skiboots by bootfitters is essential: overall weight distribution on the plantar surface

Ultimatefit FIS Ski Race

 The first race liner built around the foot  for true performance in your World Cup race shells
Fits like a glove:  anatomical fit , the best toe room and  outstanding ankle support for the best power transmission

Tech talk

It has been designed to provide the best anatomical fit around the lower section of the leg and the foot.The unique wrap around the lower leg  combined with the liner’s lacing will give a constant support on the front section.The tongue is custom molded to your leg:
INTUITION foam© HD 2mm+ SS 2mm  and ULTIMATEFIT cork bladder  will ensure the best lower leg power  transmission to your skis throughout the season
The cork material can be added  or removed through the upper opening

Another ULTIMATEFIT innovation This foam section provides the support, padding  around the whole rear foot section of the liner.
The INTUITION Foam © dual density   will act as a cradle  and a constant fit through out the season

Step by step liner molding procedure for all advanced & expert bootfitter as well as skiboot servicemen working with WC race shells. This tutorial will present the material and different stages of the molding process . It’s simple and very easy….

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