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LIVIGNIO 2000_ test chausson Racing 2000
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It all started back in 2000 when I worked as the International Manager for Rossignol Alpine in their racing boot department/division 
My goal there was to develop a mechanically solid liner that would be easy to fit and that would allow for improved responsiveness for the skier’s ankle.  built/constructed a liner with these innovative   ankle pads a combinaison of thermolastic resin and  foam pads  around the rearfoot section. We then run extensive tests with the in-house development team and the prototype liner turned out to being superior over both the standard race liner as well as its foam injected sibling.

For reasons still unknown to me the liner never found further management support and the project sadly ground to a halt.

Video  interview of Mark “Shoedog” Festor on  the origins of ULTIMATEFIT liners.
You will discover the different liners , their features  and ULTIMATEFIT’s philosophy.
Hope you’ll enjoy….

Gamme Ultimatefit liners FIS 2022

In 2019, I started work on the revised edition of the prototype liners. This has been made possible with the support  of a liner manufacture in Italy, a true “shoedog” as I am

New design of the cork bladder in the heel section, an innovative new stiffer tongue, and additional materials used on the inside of the liner 
 On the pre Covid period, all the skiers have enjoyed the news  feature.. All of them have been using the standard liners previously and would only rave about them

September 2021 a patent is filed

November 2021 delivery of the first ULTIMATEFIT FIS and ULTIMATEFIT FIS FREERIDE  liners


A different approach : I wasn’t at all satisfied with the technical performance of the foam liners, but been enjoying working with the Zipfit liners from Sven COOMER.
The cork technology was much more suitable to the latest skiboot technology.
A good fitter could  make a real custom fitted liner  in less time and trouble than with a foam injected liner.
This would be the baseline of   the ULTIMATEFIT Ski and Freerando

During summer  2019, I work on a new  definition of the existing liners.
This has been made possible with the support of the manufacture in  Italy, a true “shoedog” as I am.
New design of the cork bladder  with a heel section a innovative new tongue stiffer , but also with additional material inside.
During the winter 19-20, all the skiers fitted with these liners, have enjoyed the new features.
All of them  have been using the standard liners previously and would only rave about them

I’ve been always in the quest of the ideal custom molded liner solution based on the following :
Keep It Simple,Stupid aka “the kiss method”

1-Simple  to fit
2-The liner made to match to the current high end recreational and performance shells .
3-The best customization solution based on the blending of 1 or 2 technologies
4-Liners made with high end  material  and produced in the heartland  of  passionate and  skilled ski boot manufactors : MONTEBELLUNA , TV, Italy.

« Easy to fit, the most responsive transmission to the skis , always the best fit » That’s what ULTIMATEFIT liners are  all about

Ultimate ski & freerando

October 2021 : The ULTIMATEFIT Ski & Freerando are available   and on the slopes

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