Mark “Shoedog” Festor

Mark was born to French parents in Calgary, Canada.
His father, Eric, was the importer of  Pomagalski  lift systems to Canada and between 1950 and 1964 he installed over 70 lifts systems throughout the country.
In 1964, to his great regret, Mark’s parents decided to move back to France.
In 1976, after finishing high school in France, he returns to his homeland. , back to university for a short period ( wasn’t really my personal objective ) Then working in several ski shops East and West  .

Came back in France in 1980 “only  for  9 months “ but stayed ever since. Married to Annie , one son , 2 grand daughters

He holds both French and Canadian passports.

What’s a Shoedog ? : let Phil Knight (Nike founder and Shoedog himself ) give  us the definition ““Shoe dogs were people who devoted themselves wholly to the making, selling, buying, or designing of shoes. Lifers used the phrase cheerfully to describe other lifers, men and women who had toiled so long and hard in the shoe trade, they thought and talked about nothing else. It was an all-consuming mania, a recognizable psychological disorder, to care so much about insoles and outsoles, linings and welts, rivets and vamps.”

No better way to resume my work experience throughout the skiboot and shoe industry. It’s unique based on passion, able to meet siblings all over the world.
Never gave up.
This has enabled to start Mark to share this passion with skiers, sports enthusiasts with orthotics  and  the different people I had the privilège to work with throughout  my different function in the skiboot industry . Still got a lot of projects that will come out  through  ULTIMATEFIT

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