Ultimatefit FREERANDO


freeride version of the ULTIMATEFIT Ski

Recommended for all freeride , alpine touring and TLK boots 

Exclusive ULTIMATEFIT© design :the inner section is made of a soft  leather material for more precision and overall comfort versus traditional jersey lining.
The rearfoot  section of your foot is encapsulated in a cradle  ( in the grey section of the liner)
Association of 2 innovative technologies
Thermo technology:  INTUITION Foam©
in a  4mm dual density  that molds around your heel and ankle

Cork technology: Rearfoot section a custom heel mold around your rearfoot thanks to the combination of the thermo material cradle and the special cork envelope wrapping entirely you foot. Cork envelope has been exclusively designed by ULTIMATEFIT to provide this snug sensation without a wise like grip.
The cork bladder is prefilled and additional cork material can be added into each section through the sidewall openings

Flex zone   they are located on each side on the liner and in the heel  in order to provide the best flex movement for the foot and liner. The ankle motion won’t create a lift or rubbing sensation that could generate chaffing and blisters
Lacing system  on the top collar only : for a better overall lower leg wrapping. On the lower part on the liner a 40mm elastic over the instep  for comfort while skiing and an easy  access into the shell

Recommended retail price

sizes: 215 to 305

375,00 €

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